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I also have a blog called Catching Up the Slender Thread where you can find my musings and moanings.


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey! I wanted to congratulate you on the upcoming KHAC residency in Harrison Hot Springs. I was the artist in residence last year, and happened to have relocated to Victoria in the meantime. I understand you live here too? In any case, if you are curious about anything or have any questions about the upcoming year, I would love to meet with you and discuss the Ranger Station!

    1. Hi Anouk!

      Lovely to hear from you. We were living in Victoria and had been for five years. We have moved our stuff off the island and have it in storage until we return from Ontario on Sunday. Our move in date for the ranger station is Monday the 7th. I’d love to meet some time if you happen to be around Harrison or I will likely be in Victoria for a little bit around xmas or new years. Send me a line at and maybe we can get together or at least share emails.

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