Artist Statement

Anne J Steves is a visual artist working at the intersection of art and craft primarily through textiles and thread based media. Her work examines the narratives of place and the ways in which craft aesthetics can draw out connections between ourselves and the spaces (both constructed and natural) in which we dwell. In particular she is interested in place as both a static geographical site and a set of memories, objects and characteristics constantly in motion.

Steves has made use of embroidery, string figure making, off-loom weaving and garment making in her work in a DIY manner that allows for the collapses that are inherent when generational knowledge fails to be passed on. While some of her work shows evidence of intensive labour and hand-craft, other pieces take the form of small, temporary disturbances in the landscape or interactions documented and displayed online. Her work is often instigated by specific sites through artist residency and travel opportunities that allow for interaction with new communities. By placing herself in unfamiliar landscapes, she has developed a constantly shifting process in which chance and community involvement play an important role. So far these have included a collaborative canoe journey down the Rideau Canal near Ottawa, an exploration of string figure making at Open Space in Victoria and a study of traditional wool blankets instigated at a college in Wales.

Born and raised in Wales, Anne made British Columbia, Canada her home in 2000. Her work draws upon a strong Welsh heritage of craft making as well as the experiences of moving from place to place. Since living in Canada, Anne has since received her BFA from Emily Carr University and her MFA from the University of Victoria. Her work has been exhibited across Canada and the UK.

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